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Nest at Amami Beach Villas was born on the edge of the sea of Ashitoku, Akaogi Bay, situated on the island of Amami Oshima in southern Japan.

Legend has it that Ashitoku, Akaogi Bay (also known as Amami Crater) was created by a falling star in ancient times.

The villas are designed with traditional Amami roof lines using local material and modern Japanese concepts that amplifies space and richness with the comfort of our guests as the key mission. Our villas are surrounded by sea and mountains under an open sky with breeze from the bay that collectively provide a sense of peace and serenity.

We aim to provide you with an experience enriched with the spirit of Amami Island and hope you enjoy your stay at our sanctuary.

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Restaurant AMANARI by NESTatNEST embraces the island's pristine landscape which provides rich ingredients and inspires the food culture. AMANARI is a modern Japanese restaurant that cherishes traditional ingredients nurtured by the islanders.


Amami archipelago is halfway between Okinawa and southern Kyushu and is rich in history, culture and natural wonders. The people are truly connected to their island home and take great care to protect and nurture its natural beauty. The subtropical island is home to a variety of native animals and plants and is awaiting UNESCO World Natural Heritage registration.

Amami Island Promotion Video "Sound of AMAMI"