The name of the Restaurant AMANARI is derived from name of the island AMAMI and the NARI seed of the native plant Sotetsu (Japanese Cycas revoluta). The NARI seed is toxic and poisonous. In times of poverty and food shortages, local Amamians, found a way to remove the toxin and use the seed for cooking as soul food for many generations. The NARI seed to this date, symbolises the resilient nature of the people of the island.


AMANARI modern Japanese cuisine utilizes local and seasonal ingredients that are expertly prepared for you.


(Restaurant designed by Jamo Associates



We offer traditional Japanese and western style breakfast to start the relaxing morning out on the deck looking down the dazzling and shining waters of the Ashitoku, Akaogi Bay.



AMANARI offers a broad selection of light-hearted casual Japanese dishes.



Our Omakase dinner courses are set menu specially crafted with local and seasonal ingredients combining island and modern Japanese cuisine. We serve a variety of Kokuto (Brown sugar) Shochu from various islands of Amami archipelago.

​※Reservation Required (one day in advance)


Restaurant AMANARI

Tel (+81) 997 - 55 - 4066

Fax (+81) 997 - 62- 5755


11:30 - 14:00 (L.O. 13:30) 


17:30 - 22:00 (L.O. 21:30) Reservation is required in advance

800 Ashitoku Tatsugo Oshima-gun
Kagoshima, Japan 894-0412 
(+81) 997 – 55 – 4066
Mapcode: 675 330 614*36

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